Specialist Music Monday 25 May

10-11pm The Man In The Station (Mike O’Leary).

Specialist Music Monday 25 May

9-10pm Folk Us - folk music with Tim Moon. New releases, classic tracks, guests and details of events on in the area.

Specialist Music Monday 25 May

8-9pm The Country Show - country music with Peter Fairhead.

Bradford Spice Monday 25 May

7-8pm Bradford Spice with Samina Basit or Lubna Khalid.

Community Programmes Monday 25 May

6-7pm Grow Your Own Way
How to grow anything and everything, indoors and outdoors in Bradford.

Recorded on their allotments, or in the greenhouse if it’s raining. Growing in backyards, pots and indoors too, including ‘Plant of the week’, what’s to be done throughout the week and answering listeners questions.

Presented by Martin Bijl and Sarah White

followed by BCB Xtra.

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