Let There Be Rock-24th Nov 2014-Massive Special 8pm

Interference_20th Oct 2014


Let There Be Rock 11th Nov 2013

Gemma and Simon are back for another edition of rock randomness and ramblings, or Let There Be Rock as it’s better known…It’s the birth of Simon’s Random Track (be afraid) and the return of the Fortnightly Song Challenge (...be afraid) plus all the usual news and sometimes outspoken opinions…

Let There Be Rock Halloween Special Oct 28th 2013

Sinister Simon, Gravedigger Gemma and a returning Evil Ebony B host a Halloween special mixing covers, news, hall of fame, unsigned and all the usual Classic and Modern rock into a witches brew of epic proportions!

Let There Be Rock 14th Oct 2013

Gemma and Simon are in the studio with a special show…They’ve taken a leaf out of Interference’s book…listen in to find out what (here’s a hint, it’s not the hessian man-bag) With all the usual gubbins PLUS a special interview from The Answer

Let There Be Rock Mon 30th Sept

Gemma and Simon return with a blast from the past as Axl bashing and Bono news return, Simon actually competes in the challenge this week and they get through a boat load of upcoming releases

Let There Be Rock 16th Sept 2013

Gemma returns from her excursion in the dark lands (France) and joins Simon in the studio once more for Rock, Randomness and Ramblings, with the Rock News, the Hall of Fame, Gig and Festivals…and Simon refuses to take part in this week’s challenge…

Let There Be Rock 5th Aug 2013

Simon and Gemma are in the studio with more of the best Classic, New, Upcoming and Unsigned rock, with regular features of Rock News, the Hall of Fame and a blistering Cover…

Let There Be Rock 19th Aug 2013

Gemma is off on Holiday so Simon has full control…while that may be a worrying thought, he does have a top notch supervisor in the form of Ebony B – Bringing you the usual features of Rock News, Hall of Fame and Ska (No Gemma; No Cheese) and a bit more of the random kind of organisation that occurs whenever Simon is left to his own devices…

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