Community Programmes Thursday 2 July

6-7pm Carribean Conversations

BCB’s Nigel Guy chatting to photographer Tim Smith.

Followed by BCB Xtra:

30 Minutes of Madness and heavy sounds.

Presented by DJ Moshua

Community Programmes Wednesday 1 July

6-6.30pm Transported

If it moves we cover it!

On this months Transported we talk to Nodrog who presents a brilliant YouTube channel on matters railway and tram.

Presented by Tim Moon

Community Programmes Tuesday 30 June

6-7pm We Learn Together

A podcast from WYH Partnership where colleagues reflect on recent learning and its impacts.

Followed by BCB Xtra.

Community Programmes Monday 29 June

6-7pm Grow Your Own Way

How to grow anything and everything, indoors and outdoors in Bradford.

Recorded on their allotments or in the greenhouse if it’s raining. Growing in backyards, pots and indoors too, including ‘Plant of the week’, what’s to be done throughout the week and answering listeners’ questions.

This week Sarah quizzes Martin about the beneficial insects in our garden such as ladybirds, bees and hoverflies. Martin shares his love for Kohlrabi, a vegetable that is part of the brassica family. He shares top tips on growing them and some delicious way to cook and eat them.

Presented by Martin Bijl and Sarah White

Followed by BCB Xtra.

Community Programmes Thursday 25 June

6-7pm IT Stuff

New technologies & beyond!

Join David, Shi and Kriss on IT Stuff as we discuss the importance of the Internet Archive and its role in our collective digital histories.

Presented by Shi & Kriss Blank and Dave Spencer

Followed by:

BCB Xtra
30 minutes of madness and heavy sounds.

Presented by DJ Moshua

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